The Stockwell / Cliffe Charitable Trust

Grants Available

Grants are available up to £5000

The grants need not be specifically tied to funding projects. We are happy for the money to be used as seed capital, to help with core administration costs, or to help an organisation through a difficult time. 

Please note that not all applications will be successful.

Donations will normally be made to charities registered in England & Wales, however note that we may prioritise charities within a reasonable proximity due to ease of visiting.

Donations are usually made once per organisation but repeat donations may be considered in certain circumstances.

Meeting Timetable

Requests are considered when the trustees meet 3 times a year.

How to Apply

Organisations wishing to apply for grants should click on the application form below supplying information about themselves and explaining how the funds will be used. 

To assure us that the request is genuine we would ask for a copy of the latest accounts, minutes of recent meetings or a mission statement. 

Payments will only be made to charities bank accounts.  

We are unable to handle postal enquiries or applications by post. 

Do not use a personal email address. 

After receiving your application we will contact you.

Grants are normally made within a few days of approval, however there may be delays if we are busy or book keeping. Payment will be made by bank transfer in most instances.

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